Welcome to my blog!

After 10 years in the fitness trenches, I’ve decided it is time to have a central clearinghouse for all things fitness and nutrition, Valency style! I look for answers to the most common issues my clients face. What I find often conflicts with conventional wisdom, so you won’t find any USDA My Plates here. The truth means more to me than being right, so I’m never too proud to shine the light on my own mistakes and change my stance on any given issue.

Training for Life – The essence of my philosophy is to make training (body, mind, and spirit) a lifestyle so that people can establish lifelong habits as well as make the training transferable to the things they want to do — whether it’s hiking, swimming, playing with the kids, or competing in the finals at Wimbledon. Nobody wants to end up being the Friend-Who-Can’t-Help-His-Friends-Move-Because-He-Messed-Up-His-Back-At-The-Gym. I was That Guy. For years, I had trained mainly on Nautilus machines and had achieved what I wanted. I looked good and I was “gym strong.” I also had a bad back, which started when I began working out as a teenager. When I was introduced to functional training through my chiropractor, who was certified through the C.H.E.K. Institute, my back pain soon disappeared. That’s what motivated me to be a trainer. My goal was to help others avoid the mistakes I made and be truly life strong.

Here are some of my philosophies:

  • Question everything, including everything you read on this blog.
  • Always go back & revise; don’t be afraid to say, “I was wrong. This new information points me in a different direction.”
  • The mind and body are linked. The placebo effect is real!
  • Lifestyle factors do matter, often more than diet & exercise. Sleep, gratitude, friendships, community, renewal, and time spent in nature are all just as important as what you put in your mouth.
  • Eat real food!
  • When it comes to exercise, more is not better. Better is better.

I love to study food and nutrition. In the past year, I’ve gotten more serious about my own food choices. I’ve realized that all the exercise in the world cannot undo the effects of a bad diet. Look for delicious recipes from one of my favorite chefs, Christa, my wife. I also plan on inviting some of my favorite health and fitness gurus to write guest blog posts. I look forward to the journey with you. Feel free to contact me at any time.

Thank you for spending your valuable time reading this blog.